The First Day

Well today was our first day of school.  I was ready and excited to see all of the faces, the new shoes, the new backpacks, and the nicely pressed uniforms.  The students were eager and excited mostly to see their friends again but I do think in part to be back in school.  I find that most students like to learn and are hoping that the teacher can make learning fun.  

Unfortunately, due to scheduling I didn’t get to see the students today but I will see them bright and early tomorrow.  I am so excited.  Thanks to the previously mentioned mentors and master teachers I am ready with new ideas and a regained sense of eagerness.  

I took pictures of my classroom for you to see.  I love it.  I have pictures on the walls of my travels, lively bulletin boards and desks arranged into big groups of three.  I believe this idea came from iFLT 2010 and the fabulous Donna Tatum Johns, if I remember correctly.  The desk arrangement is great because I can call on the groups such as Peru vs Argentina.  

I have a classroom library with baskets and the books in each section are labeled.  



One thought on “The First Day

  1. cgaabb says:

    looks awesome! Happy back to school! 🙂

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